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Autodiscover service in Exchange Server | Microsoft Docs A CNAME or canonical name record is the DNS equivalent to a Windows shortcut or an Apple Mac alias. A CNAME record is an alias for an Address (A) record that maps an IP address to the target server. If, for example, your domain is contoso.com, you create a CNAME record for autodiscover.contoso.com. The name in the CNAME record must match a name DNS Forensics: Where Intuition Meets Experience This paper outlines attack patterns security analysts are seeing and examines a fresh forensic approach some of them have begun using, one that is producing some notable success stories. It is an approach that is helping threat hunters in large enterprise SOCs, as well as security specialists in SMBs, to quickly and thoroughly bring a network Hybrid Cloud DNS Options for Amazon VPC a DNS server running on a reserved IP address at the base of the VPC network range, plus two. For example, the DNS Server on a network is located at For VPCs with multiple CIDR blocks, the DNS server IP address is located in the primary CIDR block. Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs) DNS Security - Palo Alto Networks

HEAVY READING | OCTOBER 2014 | WHITE PAPER | DNS SECURITY FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS: AN ACTIVE APPROACH AT L7 4 DNS hijacking. By subverting the DNS resolver settings on endpoints or net-work equipment, attackers can cause DNS requests to be directed at ma-licious DNS resolvers. This attack can be used for a huge variety of threats,

A Better Way to a Dual, Redundant DNS However, even the most robust DNS infrastructure is not immune to outages. Outages may be localized in which certain DNS servers in the network are not responding or, less commonly, system-wide . Download this white paper and learn how to protect your business from DNS outages with a dual network, redundant DNS.

DNS Anycast for High Availability and Performance. This white paper describes how DNS servers can be deployed in anycast configurations to achieve a number of benefits, including higher availability and resilience. Videos. IPAM for the Internet of Things

DNS Entropy Hunting and You. Sometimes your DNS logs tell a story, you just need to listen more closely to be able to hear it. This post discusses some Splunk queries from the SANS white-paper Using Splunk to Detect DNS Tunneling and how they can be tuned to provide actionable, real world results. WHITE PAPER Silver Peak and Infoblox unique network and IT challenges come into play. In this paper we will present the challenges, and a solution using Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect Software-defined WAN solution combined with Infoblox secure DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (IPAM). Audience. This whitepaper is intended for network administrators who manage multisite