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Pulse Secure client for Linux provides secure connectivity between a device running Linux and Pulse Connect Secure. Pulse Secure client for Linux is available from the PCS Admin Installers Page. After installing the Pulse Secure client VPN package on a Linux device, the user can configure a connection and establish Layer 3 VPN communications. SRX vpn client for Linux platforms (Ubuntu,.) - J-Net Hi All, I'm looking for Linux vpn client that I can use for connection to our SRX branch device. I successfully configure connection for Dynamic VPN or Junos Pulse, but I can cover only Windows platforms with this solution. For linux I tried with Shrew or Racoon vpn client, but unsuccessfully. VPN FAQs | UCSF IT

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I'm trying to use the SSL VPN client for mac (naclient) to connect to a tenancies network. However to reach the SSL VPN I have to VPN into our corporate network using Juniper Junos Pulse. So I'm able to establish a connection with my corp network using Junos Pulse however when trying to then connect to the tenancy using naclient I'm prompted Knowledge Article View - Service Portal

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vpn - Juniper Junos Pulse for Ubuntu based distros - Stack Has anyone been successful using Juniper Junos pulse client on Ubuntu based Linux distros. I wonder if there are any reliable browser based VPN clients that can be used as an alternative Thanks Dynamic VPNs with Pulse Secure Clients - Juniper Networks Dynamic VPN Overview. A VPN tunnels enable users to securely access assets such as e-mail … How to configure certificate authentication for Pulse Apr 05, 2017 KB40277 - How to manually install the Pulse secure client