Dec 10, 2019 · Lock-N-Load Android Expert. My Droid shows my Mac computer under Bluetooth Settings > Bluetooth Devices >. I can see it listed and it says "Paired but not connected". I then, on my Mac under the BT control panels, see "Droid" listed and it is also "paired but not connected." Well, when I tell my Droid to "connect" via Bluetooth Settings > Bluetooth Devices > press my computers name (or long press and select "Connect") it grays out and says "connecting"

Dec 27, 2011 · The Solution All three of my Android phones connect with my MBP just fine. Make sure the phone's "connect to PC" setting is set to either Disk Drive or Media Sync then connect it to your Mac. You Dec 08, 2015 · Under Mac OS X menubar -> Bluetooth icon, both devices are reported as ‘connected’. But Magic Mouse failed to scroll and Bluetooth keyboard not responding. If you faced “Mac bluetooth mouse won’t connect” issue, also read our earlier guide : How to Fix : Magic Mouse Loses Connection or not working. Solution:- How to use it Download the app. Open AndroidFileTransfer.dmg. Drag Android File Transfer to Applications. Use the USB cable that came with your Android device and connect it to your Mac. Double click Android File Transfer. Browse the files and folders on your Android device and copy files.

To get started, first download the latest binary package of HoRNDIS from Github. Follow the instructions in the installer. Once installed Connect your Android phone to your Mac via USB cable. Go the settings menu on your phone. In the connections section, select " More…. ".

2020-2-25 Connect the Samsung Galaxy A50 to the PC or Mac 2019-8-26 · Connect the Samsung Galaxy A50 to a Mac . The technique to connect the Samsung Galaxy A50 to the Mac is slightly different than the 1 for COMPUTER. In truth, the best solution is to go through a small program. This program is Android File Transfer that you can quickly find on the Internet. Bluetooth (BT) paired but not staying connected to my Mac

Is it possible to create a Bluetooth connection with only a MAC address of the module? Example of my code private static String address = "00:15:FF:F2:19:5F"; BluetoothAdapter adapter =

Transfer files between your computer & Android device