Some websites infringe on those rights by blocking VPNs, but they do it for a good reason. The big names that are notorious for blacklisting VPNs are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and the BBC. It’s hard to figure out exactly how many websites block VPN access, but the number could be in the thousands .

Sep 09, 2017 Can I unblock a website from my WiFi router? - Quora If it is a corporate router then with out administrative rights you can not block/unblock website from router. Assuming it’s a home router (modem) go to from web browser. Type admin user name and password. Click on “Block Sites” check How to unblock websites on an iPhone with Screen Time

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How to unblock websites - 12 Ways - VPN Watch Blog Proxy websites work almost the same as VPNs, but they only lack encryption. So, they might be suitable for accessing blocked websites in professional environments. For instance, if your employer prevents you from accessing some websites, proxy websites will let you get around the filters. The simplest proxies may run through a web page or a Top 10 Ways to Unblock Websites - QuickOnlineTips

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