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As an alternative to installing vCenter Server on a Windows machine, you can download the VMware vCenter Server Appliance. The vCenter Server Appliance is a preconfigured Linux-based virtual machine optimized for running vCenter Server and associated services. SIFT Workstation Download - Digital Forensics With the SIFT VM Appliance, I can create snapshots to avoid cross-contamination of evidence from case to case, and easily manage system and AV updates to the host OS on my forensic workstation. Not to mention, being able to mount forensic images and share them as read-only with my host OS, where I can run other forensic tools to parse data Kali Linux Custom Image Downloads - Offensive Security

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The VMware Skyline Collector is a standalone virtual appliance that automatically and securely collects product usage data. Product usage data includes configuration, feature and performance data. The Collector also listens for changes and events which are streamed to VMware in near real-time.

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VMware ESXi 6.5 [download] Hypervisor: The free edition of VMware’s popular enterprise hypervisor. 76: VMware Horizon Toolbox 7.2 [download] Management: VMware Horizon Toolbox 7.2 is a Web portal that acts as an extension to View Administrator in VMware Horizon™ 6 or above. 77: VMware I/O Analyzer [download] Analytics vSphere Management Assistant - VMware {code} The VMware vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) is a prepackaged Linux virtual machine in which administrators can deploy scripts and select third-party agents to manage ESX and ESXi systems. Software included in vMA includes vSphere CLI and an authentication component that …