Apr 28, 2020 · For the initial testing, Palo Alto Networks recommends configuring basic authentication. When everything has been tested, adding authentication via client certificates, if necessary, can be added to the configuration. To authenticate devices with a third-party VPN application, check "Enable X-Auth Support" in the gateway's Client Configuration.

Check Point Endpoint Remote Access VPN is ranked 9th in Enterprise Infrastructure VPN with 3 reviews while Prisma Access by Palo Alto Networks is ranked 4th in Enterprise Infrastructure VPN with 4 reviews. Check Point Endpoint Remote Access VPN is rated 9.0, while Prisma Access by Palo Alto Networks is rated 8.6. We are beginning to implement Palo Alto firewalls in our data center, and we want to start using them for SSL VPN connections. We have already gone through the basic setup process and have the SSL VPN connection working with our test group, which is mapped via LDAP and User ID. Now that this is set up, we want to tighten security around our setup. To do so, stunnel has to be set up as a syslog server on Palo Alto. In Palo Alto, go to Device → Server Profiles → Syslog and click Add. Set up the new profile being sure to specify the following: Syslog server - The IP address of the machine on which stunnel is installed. Port - The port on which stunnel will listen for inbound SSL Jul 23, 2020 · Select protect an application and Palo Alto SSL VPN. Make a note of your integration and secret keys. These are used to configure the Duo proxy. Step 2. Configure a local Windows VM on your windows domain. Install the DUO Proxy from here. It is a standard setup file. Once installed you need to configure the proxy by editing the authproxy.cfg Palo Alto Firewall Training. Platforms and Architecture Administration & Management Layer 3 Configuration NAT Policy App-ID Content-ID Decryption User-ID VPN High Availability Panorama Basics. - Configure, troubleshoot and resolve issues with respect to advanced features such as Firewall Administration, Authentication(Kerberos, LDAP, Azure MFA server and Radius), Certificate Management, SSL forward and inbound decryption, Threat Prevention, URL Filtering, QoS, SSL VPN, Site to Site IPSec VPN, High Availability (Active-Active and

You’ve just entered the wonderful world of Palo Alto Networks and have found your users need to access work resources remotely. This means you’ll need VPN access and, in the parlance of Palo Alto Networks, you’ll also need to set up the GlobalProtect VPN client. This article will give a visual, step-by-step guide on the process.

Apr 18, 2020 · Steps to configure IPSec Tunnel on Palo Alto Firewall. First, we will configure the IPSec tunnel on Palo Alto Next-Generation Firewall. As you already know, we have configured two different networks, i.e. Internet & LAN. So, let’s configured IPSec Tunnel. Step 1: Creating a Security Zone on Palo Alto Firewall I configured a static Site-to-Site IPsec VPN tunnel between the Cisco ASA firewall and the Palo Alto next generation firewall.If the same phase 1 & 2 parameters are used and the correct Proxy IDs are entered, the VPN works without any problems though the ASA uses a policy-based VPN while the PA implements a route-based VPN. Palo Alto Networks firewalls provide site-to-site and remote access VPN functionality. This article covers overview and configuration of IPSec site-to-site tunnels which are compatible with equipment from other vendors. IPSec tunnel is established between two gateways over IP network and is transparent to end devices communicating over this tunnel. Transport network (usually Internet) between

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Dec 27, 2014 · In this video I show you how to configure remote access VPN with GlobalProtect on Palo Alto Firewall. In this video you will see how to configure: 1) Local users on PaloAlto Firewall 2 If the physical adapter on a Windows or macOS endpoint supports only IPv4 addresses, the endpoint user cannot access the video streaming applications that you exclude from the VPN tunnel when you configure the GlobalProtect gateway to assign IPv6 addresses to the virtual network adapters on the endpoints that connect to the gateway. Jan 17, 2020 · Hello Friends,In this video you will see how to configure Global Protect SSL VPN in Palo alto Firewall (PAN-OS) with practical explanation in detailed. If you like this video give it a thumps up Aug 05, 2019 · Select LDAP server type from drop down menu. Enter the Base Distinguished Name for the domain. Enter the Bind DN and Bind Password for the service account. Uncheck SSL checkbox (SSL can be used if the Domain Controller will listen for LDAP SSL on port 636). You’ve just begun using Palo Alto Networks technology and have found that your users need to access work resources remotely. This means you’ll need VPN access and, in the parlance of Palo Alto Networks, you’ll also need to set up the GlobalProtect VPN client. This article will review how to set up the client for your usage. Configure a Certificate Profile Certificate profiles define user and device authentication for Captive Portal, GlobalProtect, site-to-site IPSec VPN, Mobile Security Manager, and web interface access to Palo Alto Networks firewalls or Panorama.