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How to delete a Gmail account & download your data | step How to Download your Gmail Archive. If you are sure that your Gmail account is a digital funeral, then it's time to consider downloading a full archive of all your emails. To do that, follow the steps below. 1. Navigate to Gmail’s Download your data page. Log in to your Gmail account to access it. 2. How To Delete A Gmail Account Permanently Nov 29, 2017 How to Delete Gmail Accounts from Android Phone Deleting Gmail account from your Android phone is not a very hard task but still it is one of the most essential part if you are selling your old smartphones. First, you must know what will happen if you delete Gmail account from your phone and understand the consequences because removing Google account may interrupt all the services that are How to Delete Gmail Profile Picture - Made Stuff Easy

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Aug 14, 2019 · Gmail is a part of Google account. Deleting your Gmail account will not delete your Google account. Because Gmail is just a part of Google. There are lots of other Google products are there in Google.(i will be posting about it soon). Some data will not be deleted even after deleting your Gmail account such as Google search history, YouTube Nov 16, 2016 · Once you’re sure you want to delete your account, you’ll need to enter your account password, provide the CAPTCHA code displayed on the page, and click the “Terminate This Account” button. You’ll be informed that your Yahoo account is terminated and the data will be deleted from Yahoo’s user database in approximately 90 days. Sep 22, 2016 · How to Permanently Delete Gmail Account. Remember that if you are going to delete up to the Gmail account and you are logged into your multiple Gmail accounts then you should log out from every of your multiple Gmail accounts before you can proceed to this step. If you do not log out of the accounts, then you may harm your other Gmail accounts too. Google recently launched a tool that allows you to manage all these devices have access to your Gmail account. It can be an Android phone, an iOS device, a computer that you used to log in to your Google account synchronization of contacts, calendar events, to-do list, activate Google Now, etc.

Click Albums, and go to your Profile Photos album. Delete the contents. If you are referring to a photo you actually set up inside Gmail, then go to Settings >>; General >> My Picture, choose Change Picture and pick No Picture.

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